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I recently had the privilege to work on a project involving the piano in an educational center in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was a huge, complex, and expensive project, and in addition to that I was working with very enthusiastic teachers. The app took hours to get up and running, but we found that if we had one teacher as part of the team, and another teaching, well, most of them were really happy. The teacher in the group I worked with was really nice, very enthusiastic, and super friendly. It was a really easy app, and it was good as a way to have a voice at every lesson. However, even without that and the very nice teacher, many of the kids were not playing well. Some were not even in tune (and some could not even get by even with the voice), much less sing. These are important things we learn from kids and from piano when teaching them how to play. Many of these kids were kids I was teaching, including many musicians in the group.

Some of these kids will probably still not be playing the piano at all, but we are getting them closer, and they are getting better at it. I think it sounds pretty good, so I will probably work on improving it further. In the meantime, if you are a teacher interested in getting these kids to play a full set of songs and more importantly, sing better, start practicing with The Piano for Kids, and the other amazing piano lessons. Click here for the full list of lessons.

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The latest batch of leaked emails from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s private email server reveal that the Democratic front-runner’s campaign was coordinating a push with the AFL-CIO to push for “open borders.” The email, obtained by the conservative media outlet Judicial Watch, also show that the Democratic frontrunner, which had a fundraising campaign underway with the labor group, actively sought donations “from big business or corporations.”

The emails release by Judicial Watch on Thursday show that while Clinton was running for office in 2007, she sent the AFL-CIO a fundraising email promising an “open borders” fundraiser for the group.
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The email from Clinton, titled “Wages, Taxes and Open Borders,” appears to include a list of contributions to the labor union by Clinton herself, including a $250,000 donation to her 2008 campaign. However, the email also asks for a fundraising contribution via phone and is signed by “Hillary for America.” The

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