Why are harpsichord keys black? – Keyboard To Learn Piano

Here’s a handy primer (via The Telegraph):

Some of the most popular harp keys – and the keys for which they’re named to begin with – are the ‘mossy’ harp keys, or in other words the ones with the white-satin-finished tops and bottom. They’ve been around for hundreds of years. They were originally used by the Romans (the makers of harp-strings) as a form of communication during war, and they’re still used today, as the best-known example being the key shown above in the picture above. But the harp-keys in black, which are in fact manufactured in France, are not actually used when playing harp music, they’re just used to make a special harp-string that won’t disintegrate when hit with an instrument that is designed to disintegrate. We don’t need no stinking ‘white-satin-finished’ keys.

And, in case you were wondering: they’re not all made in France. Here’s pictures of the “white-satin-finished” harp keys we actually use:

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Want more? Listen to this interview where we speak with a music theory expert:

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