Are art classes worth it?

Some say, yes. They say you don’t have to go to a gallery to be a fine artist, that you can find something on the Web that will be more stimulating (maybe you think it’s something art history, maybe it’s a short film, but don’t worry, it’s all right here), and maybe they won’t have to pay for it. I certainly did, and yes, there’s plenty to do online, but there’s much more to do for $40 a week at a gallery or on a panel than watching movies and getting to know the people.

I want to be a more committed artist because I love art, I want to teach myself about art, and I want to share it with my classmates… who, by the way, may or may not want to buy a book from me, maybe even a book on the history of art. Not because I’m wealthy, or get grants. It feels good, just to share what you feel is best and brightest in the world. It’s great to tell people you have talent and I am so thankful I have the capacity to share my gifts. But I will never forget the guy in the art store who, even though he had no money (and I thought he had nothing), bought me books from the art department and a poster, and showed me photos from a recent trip to Rome. And then I could not stop laughing and thinking, how did we ever end up in a place where we could spend money on things that look so expensive?

But not when we have the potential to help build something so amazing out of our own free time

So we are putting this blog out there, to inspire us, make us proud of the choices we make, inspire us to think big and dream bigger than we know to think of. A dream about building something big, to help make the world a better place, to be part of a great community of artists. But not when we have the potential to help build something so amazing out of our own free time – that means creating art every day.

A dream about growing your skills, and making enough money to support your dreams.

You deserve it.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. You may also want to read my previous post on how to make money with your art. If you have been able to afford any of the books I list below, let me know in the comments below! I’d like to hear from you, if any of the