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Are all artists brains different? Is art really a matter of the brain, or does it really depend on the brain?”

And the problem? Is it the brain and only the brain that’s at work, or does everyone have a brain? And, if we’re talking about the brain, which we know very little about, to which is it in charge?

“Yes, brain-computer interfaces, which allow people with severe brain injuries, for example, to move and make use of their brains. It’s a bit of a mystery how it works”

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“This is a very exciting research area and we are continuing to explore. What does it mean for the brain that someone might be able to interface themselves to a computer, like a doctor can. Is that a metaphor at all? Is it a metaphor that says ‘let’s get in there and hack away at it?'”

It’s the very nature of the research world is that the answers are so much more complex than any solution that comes from one study. If everything you know about the brain is true, you’re going to get a lot of answers that are right there.

“Is it possible that the brain is a supercomputer with multiple threads running at the same time? Does that mean that we are not limited to just one computer, but that there is a supercomputer running at multiple threads, or is it true that the single thread isn’t very important? What does this mean for us, that there is multiple threads working on multiple simultaneous tasks?”

And then of course the big question that is, for me at least, I hope, that we’ll hopefully get answered on is, who’s responsible for the brain?

It could very well be somebody else’s brain.

“The brain probably runs on one or two main machines: there’s the motor, which is making those complex movements. Then you have the memory and the thinking, which are running on different machines”.

A lot of neuroscience research concentrates on how we define “brain”, but when you look at these different brain interfaces, what they’re doing to the brain is quite different. There are lots of different brain interfaces that connect different parts of the brain. But these all connect to the motor cortex area in the frontal lobe. Why is this important if you’re talking about a computer screen? Because a computer screen has to deal with lots of different inputs.

What about an in-ear or virtual reality headset? It’s all different.

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