Are artists brains different?

I didn’t think they were much different than other people. I thought they were just different.

Did you?

That’s it! I didn’t have any real trouble understanding that they did different things. Because I have no talent in that area, I never got around to studying it.

The other things I’ve heard about how different the visual arts are from science-fiction is that there are really few people in the art world who go to science-fiction conventions, or who have access to other art works as part of their work. But I think that has changed over time. One thing is that science-fiction is no longer the fantasy world where science is a real, viable possibility. You know why? Because science has no relevance anymore. It was the magical realism of the nineteenth century to the futuristic reality that the twentieth century was presenting to us. And science-fiction is just fantasy now. I think that’s part of why people are drawn to science-fiction.

You’re very passionate about science-fiction. That’s good.

One thing about science-fiction is I was a huge fan of Phillip K. Dick and his novels. They are very different from science-fiction, and they are certainly science-fiction in a very extreme way. I like to say that science-fiction is science realism. Which it is. So I would say that it’s not unlike art or literature to be kind of fascinated with the world around you. I was fascinated with the world around me in much the same way. And I’m not a fan of fantasy because I think it’s all very fanciful, and it’s all in the hands of writers who have no idea how to write science-fiction. So I think it’s very good.

Does that include fantasy?


What about nonfiction books?

I’ll tell you a big story. My brother, who we call ‘Coco’ [coconut oil], died of lung cancer. And I was working on trying to find my book. I went to a library, looked at all the books in the library. Then I sat down and began looking for it. And about halfway through I decided I didn’t like this. So I just put it down. And I’m so glad it didn’t happen then, because I do have the experience of being dead. And I would not be where I am now if my brother had died.

What was the biggest problem you saw