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There are numerous drawing tools available online, but what about that one you’ve always wished could be on your desktop? What if it had the full color spectrum of our eyes in one? I’m talking about Photoshop Elements (formerly known as Photoshop Express). You can buy it from many online retailers, but it costs around $200 (or even more to have a copy made for you), which is a good deal for the quality of the output. I’ve found the free version of Photoshop to be a great tool for learning basic drawing skills.

The free version of Photoshop is capable of producing some interesting imagery. We’ll talk about images I’ve made in the free Photoshop Elements and try to show how your computer draws, but you can also use the free version for a full drawing session, provided you get a graphic designer to do a final color correction!

Let’s try some examples

Let’s start out by using Photoshop Elements to create a simple black and white photo that we know will make you happy:

Getting My Art Wings Back: Grade 6 Patterned Tree Designs

As you can see, the photo is a combination of simple black and white images combined with a solid color background layer (see the top image again). We can create more complex images, but for this exercise, we will work with one image.

Let’s start by using Photoshop Elements to create a simple black and white photo that we know will make you happy:In this instance, I will be making “sunny days” for our dogs. This is a simple black and white photograph with a solid color background (see the bottom image again). To keep things in context (or make things more difficult), we are using Adobe Photoshop Elements to make the image even softer and darker by adding a color layer to make the photo even more black and white. Let’s see how the program manages to do both:Next, I will be creating 3D objects as well as drawings. Let’s make a circle as one of the objects for our photo (this is a little more complex than “sunny Days” when it comes to creating 3D objects). I’ll add a black and white layer on top of the 3D layer and turn it into an image layer and use the new Photoshop Effect to produce the appearance of the “circle”. Let’s see how the program does this:This simple 3D object is a little complex, but it will teach you more about how Photoshop Elements makes things. It won’t teach you how to create new 3D objects and shapes, but it will demonstrate how the program

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