Can anyone be good at drawing?

Do you have a special talent for it and can you tell people what it is?

What skill are you most proud of and why?

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in the course of your artwork?

How has this affected your creative work?

How have you learned to take care of yourself when you are working or studying?

What are some of your most important habits outside of drawing?
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What’s the last piece of clothing you purchased? Any other items you would like to buy?

What’s the most important tip you wish you could share with your friends and family?

What are the three art classes you have taken, and when were they?

Are there any pieces you would like to share with us that have helped to keep you going during these difficult times?


A few weeks ago I was walking in the woods in northern Florida when I heard a noise I didn’t recognize. It sounded like the sound of an ax or a saw, and there were things behind it.

It turned out to be deer.

The deer did that, but I didn’t think to worry. There was, I think, some sort of communication problem.

The deer made more noise that same morning, I did a lot of walking in the woods, and they seemed to be making even more noise now.

That’s when I decided to do something about it.

I got a little telescope in my backpack, and set out to take pictures of these beasts.

As if on cue, I heard the sounds of my deer.

I have to say, the deer sounds weren’t that bad. Maybe not the best to be carrying around, but it wasn’t that awful.

So, how do you turn a deer into a video?

Well, there is a very simple way. In a really short amount of time they can run around.

So, I set out to do the same thing. However, this time, I kept one thing very clear from the beginning: If you see wild dogs, the best thing to do is NOT try to feed the animals.

That was the first thought. The second thought was maybe it would be a little easier if I walked in a little slow while I worked. But, that made the noise go on for 10 seconds more.

That’s when I knew it would be impossible to get pictures of the deer.