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I think it’s just you.”

“I…can’t,” Jaune sighed, and she stared at him in disbelief before turning and walking off.

“Jaune, why was this so important?” Pyrrha asked, glancing over their head to see Ruby in her usual green cloak, still not noticing as she picked at the grass beside the fountain.

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“Look, I know it’s not important, but this has been happening to Pyrrha for two years.” he asked.

“Oh, for Jaune, he didn’t know about this either, was he?” Ruby asked, walking up close to him.

“I never even noticed,” Jaune sighed in disappointment. “I’ll never get her back.”

“Jaune, look, I…I have a suggestion.” Ruby started putting her hands in her pockets. “Instead of keeping this a secret, just do something. I mean, what could go wrong with you going out and being yourself?”

“I…I suppose,” Jaune admitted.

“Just take a walk with me. We can talk about it here.” Ruby gave him a smile before walking away.

“…you don’t have to do something, Nora,” he sighed. “It wouldn’t be too bad to just hang around.”

“You want Jaune to see me?” Nora asked, and he could tell she was smiling.

“No, I mean, that’s what I think,” Jaune replied, and Nora’s lips twitched.

“Do it,” Blake sighed, running through a few different ideas before settling on Blake’s usual solution. “Maybe try to make a few new friends. I’d love to see you!”

“I…don’t think that’s possible,” Jaune said, and she nodded in agreement.

“You and Ruby, are we going to go out? I’d love to go with you,” Weiss started, and everyone groaned. “But you know this is the only place we can go for a while.”

“Sure.” Nora said, and then she looked back at Ruby. “You can come, but Ruby will be out. I’ll just have a seat with you. And I’d like a book.”

Ruby looked at her for a moment and nodded her agreement, but then Jaune and Blake got up to leave. Ren smiled at them, walking ahead of them in his wheelchair.

“Don’t move, Ren. Do your best, okay?” Nora

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