Can anyone be good at drawing? – Online Art Lessons Ks1

If you are good with pictures, I think you have the ability to produce good art if you only paint the best parts of what is around you. Do not make that mistake of drawing a whole set of things, you will never do well with photography.

For example, in the picture, the one on the right is a portrait, of someone who is either good at painting people or is a very good painter/drawer. The two left is a drawing of my own daughter for the school project. I draw her face, mouth, hands. As it turns out, she is a very good-looking girl, and a very good painter. I also draw the things I love to paint like her hair, skin, and eyes. The whole picture is me and her. It is a really good painting.

I could have taken the photo of another woman, but the pose, my own face with the hat on and the other person’s face, I think you can get closer to the person.

I have been asked many many times how I can achieve my success and what my inspiration is; not what my inspiration is. It is important that people understand that there is no special “inventor” or “creator” that created everything or invented music, painting, sculpture, or medicine. All of us are made of what we have around us. I don’t think many people would be able to say what they “invent” unless someone asked them. It is not science but instinct; it is a process.

For many people, the “invention” may be that they become one of the most successful people in their profession, but that is just a piece of your own art. It doesn’t really matter when you made it or why. You are making art for yourself. That makes you unique. If you try to change your art, change everything else, you may destroy it. The most important thing about “invention” is not knowing what you “invent” and what works and what doesn’t or what not to do because you want to be remembered. It is important to not be “invented” when something is just too good to not do, because it takes a long time to develop your own style, and people don’t remember what they do when they change it.

“A creative individual cannot only be a good copy of someone else, but a whole new man or woman, just by the simple process of putting them together.” -Einstein

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