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Yes! We offer a great selection of free art textbooks from and other art school publishers, so you can find the right art book for your needs. All you have to do is register for our newsletter so you get the latest news about art books, art lessons, and more. Sign up today and start exploring the world of artwork from our library.

Why can’t I purchase the books online? is a nonprofit art education organization and doesn’t receive any money from the sale of its art books.

What are your plans to develop programs in different countries? What can I do to help your work?

We hope to bring new art lessons to the Philippines and Indonesia in the next few years. We want to use all of our skills to create art to show the world what is possible under our artistic influence. Please check out our volunteer projects to learn more and support our work.

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation is launching an online tool to help identify and track violent extremists.

It will also collect information about the identities and movements of individuals who have attended protests against the police in recent weeks. That information will be shared with counterterrorism officials who can use that information on potential threats to U.S. security.

The tool, called Vigilant Citizen, will be launched on the FBI’s website from Wednesday, officials said.


It is designed to be a “collaborative partnership with law enforcement officials from law enforcement agencies across the country,” according to a media release.

It also will “assess and help identify violent extremists and their supporters within the United States.” It will not be used to track people who have pledged allegiance to ISIS, or to track individuals who have been arrested in U.S. cities on charges of domestic terrorism.

FBI field offices will be able to add the information on “high-risk individuals with a high propensity for violence” to a public database and “share data with the appropriate authorities.”

It comes amid heightened tensions during the Black Lives Matter movement, which protesters claim has led to a rash of brutal attacks on law enforcement.

One New York City police officer was killed and several people were injured in an ambush Tuesday night.

The Associated Press reported that several protesters have received death threats for supporting Black Lives Matter.

On Wednesday, protests around the country included

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