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I’ve been doing this for a long time. I started out at the age of 15 playing the bass for other kids. When I was 18 I opened my own school. I’ve always been a kid who gets around, I just prefer the road. The kids at the school that play this instrument they’re all out in the world. I’ve been at this for 35 years.

Do you always play these strings?

I play in the mornings and the naps and on weekends but I always use the strings I’ve bought.


They always feel good.

When was the last time you played a gig in your own guitar?
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No, never. So I’ve always played the other kids.

What’s changed?

I’ve got so much more experience now playing these strings. When you’re starting out and you start out as a beginner you don’t really know how to play. So I’ve been trying to work out more with them. The whole of the set-up I like to use different strings because it keeps things very tight. We start out with a lot of tension, there’s a point where if you’re playing a little too fast it’ll start to feel like a string problem and then you’ll just end up in a jam where the tension really isn’t helping, so there’s a lot to learn out of this.

What is your favourite type of fingerboard?

In a way it’s different all the time. In the 60s they started using more of a flat top where it would just be a fingerboard on one side, with big, very thick strings, they also got rid of the frets so you couldn’t get any higher.

Do you have anything else you can tell me about yourself?

I’m a singer and play with a band called Little Rock and I’m a former electric bass player now. I played with a lot of bands when I was younger and I’ve also played with some electric guitar bands.

What will we find on the new album?

There’s a track on there called “Don’t Forget Me” which is basically about someone you know in a difficult situation, or someone you think you really know in a stressful situation. That’s actually an idea from my life where I got really close to a certain person and then we ended up breaking up. That’s on there and you can really feel how it could affect someone that you have a deep relationship

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