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What kind of lessons do you learn from your own experience?

My dad taught me from an early age that you can’t get rich doing anything. That’s my mentality, too. The way I make music and work on ideas is similar to how I was trained. It’s the same way that any artist would train. I like to think my parents taught me things that I can’t get elsewhere, like how to make music. There are no big-name rappers that can actually afford studios or all the equipment needed to make a hit. But I see other artists getting famous off the back of some really basic concepts like how to write a hook. There are so many artists who are in their early 20s making money doing things they couldn’t have done for free! I’m definitely not the first artist to do this, but I am the first to have a successful career that looks and feels like it would have been impossible without the proper training and experience.

What do you miss about your childhood?

My family’s always happy and supportive of me and always want the best for me. I’ve been to their house and seen their cars and have visited their friends so many times I don’t even call them ‘family.’ My parents are great people, and you meet someone who doesn’t realize it until they’re around a certain age. My sister and mom, I always consider them family too. My mom got pregnant before she was 16. For people who think that’s a bad thing, that was a big deal to have. People who have kids at 13 or 14 don’t really think about that, but it’s very important to be able to have that type of education to be able to make your own decisions. My sister went to university and then I had the opportunity to go after college.

You mentioned your mom and dad. You guys seem to have quite a healthy relationship. Did you ever talk about the breakup before?

I’m not really in touch with my mom and dad. There’s definitely times that we’ve talked for a short time and I knew they were gone for good. The one time I did get a phone call was for my mom’s birthday, which she’d planned earlier for me. She called me a few weeks later to remind me that we shouldn’t be together anymore.

How important is it for you to stay positive? As an artist, can you see the bad days and see there is another way?

I’m happy for my fans. I love them

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