Can you be a self taught artist?

Yes I can, but I’m still new to how to be an artist. I’ve only been doing live shows for one year now, so my first experience is not a very effective one. I am still learning, but I’m learning slowly. As for teaching myself, I have so much respect for my mother. She always took me to concerts and shows when I was young and I’d always be like, “That’s the coolest thing ever.” And there’s so many people who take that with them when they’re young. One of those people is me. I’m still a young man though, so sometimes I go to shows with my friends and say, “I need some help, let’s go to the studio” and he’ll say, “No, you’re gonna have to come with me.” But I love my mother and I love her enough that I want to work with her.

When you started doing this, did you ever plan to get a professional career or just make music at home?

No I never planned to have a career, I just decided that I wanted to make music and that’s basically what this is. I do get asked that question a lot, “What’s your goal? What is your goal?” And I usually say that’s not gonna happen if I don’t learn how to dance around a microphone, I don’t have any other goals, I just want to make music again.

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Did you grow up listening to any of your parents’ music?

My father used to listen to everything, from classic rock to Motown. When I was really young I listened to a lot of classical music but didn’t really get much of that until recently. One of the first albums I ever did was Aimee Mann’s, “You Don’t Know Me,” and I also listened to a lot of jazz during that time too. And really early on I wanted to be a jazz trumpeter, so I started taking courses and I actually picked up trumpet at a private school. And that was when I first started writing for myself.

Do you feel like you have the chops to play on the jazz scene right now?

I do think I have the chops. I just don’t think it’s all that close. I don’t really know how to write music that is jazz. I do have an affinity for jazz but I have a lot of other things that I can do. I learned a lot of the jazz history when I was a kid,