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There’s a lot of secrets you can learn through a little experience. One of the first lessons that I learned was how do you draw a tattoo of a certain kind with a particular design? With this, I’m still experimenting. I’m always searching for new ways of illustrating people in a different way. I think drawing pictures is really important, but you have to be able to see more than just the design. You have to be able to do the design without drawing the design, which is something that you have to develop slowly.

You were a huge fan of the graphic novels and comic books and movies with the super hero character Marvel Universe. That was what was appealing to you when you started out. How much of what you do now comes from that past?

I’m not so much a fan of the Marvel characters with super powers, but Marvel has been such a huge influence for me. I was very influenced by the Marvel movies. I was really, really into them, and I was a big fan of Peter Parker. I didn’t know that at the time, but Marvel is very very influential to me. I read comics growing up and that’s how I discovered what an amazing character he was. It was very influential.

Do you find yourself having a lot of fun in the drawing process?

A lot of fun. And there’s always a lot of fun in the drawing process. I’m always working on a new idea. Every day I’m really motivated from that. It’s like a constant race between ideas. I just try to have a lot of fun, and that’s important to me.

I noticed you started drawing superhero-like images of superheroes that I know as superheroes. That’s not entirely unique for you, isn’t it?

That’s something that comes from something that happened in the past, when there were so many superheroes that I can imagine. I feel like when I started drawing superheroes, I was a little bit of a nerd about drawing superheroes. I had to draw a lot of superhero art to get in the comics. I didn’t know what to do, and I wanted to be a superhero artist. In the beginning I just wanted to be a superhero. [Laughs.]

In that sense I do look up to other comic artists and draw similar stuff because those are the superhero art, but now I try to draw what I can actually see and get the vibe without having to draw all of these superheroes. Now, when [my fans] ask me

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