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This interview is to make you familiar with the basics of ink to give you the confidence to get started with tattooing.

Click the following link and find the interview: Inked: A Sketchbook to Learn Tattooing.

You will need Adobe Reader

Here is the interview that we shared with you from the website for the website for Inked:

Q: How long have you been tattooing? What’s your interest in tattooing?

A: I was born and raised in San Antonio before moving to Miami (where I have had a wonderful career) for college. I worked at a tattoo shop in San Antonio for 6 years. I love drawing and want to pursue my passion of tattooing and want others to enjoy the same.

Q: What do you do when you aren’t tattooing? What is your passion?

A: I love traveling, camping and exploring the world. I love reading, movies, music and books with great stories and characters. My passion is drawing so I love to make things. I also love to write, draw and be creative with others.

Q: How would you describe Inked? What was your inspiration for the design for that sleeve?

A: For the Inked logo, it is based off of a photo of my uncle who passed away. His love of tattoos inspired me and when I started making the design I added some design elements and the logo became the heart and soul of the sleeve.

Q: Are you working on a second design and if so, what will it be? What are your plans for that design?

A: I have 3 designs in the works but I may only make one design. The first design is the Inked logo which is inspired by my uncle. I am looking to create a new design and see where it takes me!

Q: What about if any of the Inked logos are changed or modified in any way?

A: Most of the logo designs are only a slight modification of the original logo so anything would be better than taking it down. If it’s taken down, please feel free to use it in any way you want, whether it is a tattoo, blog post, logo, video clip, etc… You may make any alteration to it you want. Just let me, Inked, know by email before sending and we will see if it can be modified.

Q: It’s hard to tell when is going to be done

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