Can you draw without reference? – Free Online Art Lessons Drawing Painting Sculpture And Assemblage

A – Yes

Q – You can play with reference cards?

A – Yes

Q – What about play the game without reference cards?

A – Yes. You can play the game without any reference cards. You are still limited by the deck size.

Q – How many player cards to use?
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A – Two player cards only. Two player card use is only allowed when one player is not on the game board. For example, on the left or right sides of all three game boards.

Q – If you have two player cards do you still need two player boards?

A – Yes. If you are playing 2 player game then you don’t need a second game board to play.

Q – If I play in 4 player then how many player cards do I need?

A – A total of 5 player cards at a minimum if playing 4 player.

Q – Does playing without reference cards prevent me from using the full game board?

A – No. You still use the entire board.

Q – If playing in an 8 player game then how many player cards do I need?

A – 8 player player cards, but no two player cards.

Q – What kind of players can play with reference cards?

A – Players can play with reference cards if at least one player is not on the game board. Two player only.

Q – Can I play in a party?

A – Not for a party of 8 or more players. But that is not a game we want to have in the game!

Q – Can I use reference cards to solve problems in games?

A – No. Some issues are not solvable with reference cards unless there are more than two players.

Q – Can I use the deck of reference cards for something other than play?

A – Yes. You can use decks as long as you keep the information in place and use it only for a game. You can’t draw anything with the reference cards or use reference cards for anything else except for playing a game.

Q – Do you use the reference cards as an aid to strategy?

A – Yes. The cards help you determine the best move when playing your hand.

Q – Do reference cards have any effect on a game?

A – Some games might be better with reference cards and others not.

Q – Do reference

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