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You can, for example, use the same reference when drawing and for the rendering. You can also refer to other parts of the drawing by a line with it.

To make your drawing code more modular, it has an element called “reference”, allowing to use the same object twice to access its same property. It is important to know its usage, however, especially since the reference can be deleted without affecting your code. For example, if you have the object:

class Object { private static Object [] data; public Object [] create(Object value); public void setData(Object newData){ = newObject;;} /** * Returns value of the data property. * */ public boolean data() { return data.length == 0 && data.length > 0 && == data.length; } public void setData(Object newData) { = newObject;; } /* * If this reference is deleted, your code still * * won’t work. You have to replace references * * everywhere. */ public bool equals(Object data) { return; } } // Draw some code. … }

And you should notice that it works. It’s not as complicated as you think.

There is a little detail that requires some extra knowledge, and is not the main problem with reflection. The problem with reflection is that you have to make sure that the property of the object that is being accessed depends on its type, which is not an easy problem. But even so, this is not the main problem. The main problem is that now it is an important problem – since the method being called is not as simple, and you will run into it more often.

How to be an expert in reflection

Now, the answer to what to do in order to have good reflection knowledge is clear. I like to know how to “see” my code with reflection and draw it. If you are not interested in reflection and you only know how to “look” for something, this part isn’t essential. Just be aware that all this information is not necessary for good programmers. It is still an important and useful thing for you.

In order to make your code more modular, it is highly recommended to use an IDE to make changes to that code, since they allow for you to

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