Can you draw without reference?

A. Yes. Yes, I can. The only exception is to draw a 3×3 grid at the beginning of each scene. If I have that task that I don’t need to do, I may just use it.

Q. How much color is acceptable?

A. Color is really hard to define. Sometimes there can be problems when it comes time for something to be drawn. We try to have something that I can do that will be satisfactory in my situation, and I use different methods I have been using to get here.

Q. Can you make a 3×3 grid?

A. In practice I don’t like 3×3. 3×3 makes the program slower. Sometimes when I am happy with something, I make a small square and put in a dot, and then make a grid on that squares.

Q. You used different methods like “draw with cursor,” “draw with drawing brush,” “draw with line,” “draw with line & color,” etc. How did you manage to maintain that fluid flow of information and animation in that small area?

A. Well, that’s a lot of responsibility. I have been drawing and working with computers so long, I know how this works, because I have to do it. Even if I don’t know how things work or I don’t understand anything at all, I don’t get upset. I would just have to change my mind. The problem is how can I maintain what I am not aware of. When I am working in front of my computer, sometimes I just look at my code in order to figure out what works and doesn’t work. It’s a very frustrating process, so I get used to this.

Q. Can you tell me your thoughts about program flow?

A. I don’t think there’s any particular program flow in any program. You can change the order of things to your own liking. You can work on them one at a time or you can do some sequence, because the order is really not important.

I really like the way of doing things now and then, because I’ve learned how I do it. That may be a big part of my personality. I don’t have a real need to be precise, because I see it all the time. I also think “What works?” That is a huge question. I always try to improve as much as possible.

Q. Is there anything that you don’t like about