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There’s a lot out there, so I don’t mean you shouldn’t be. But we were looking into it as a way to make sure that we weren’t cheating people. That you’re helping to develop their creativity.

Nathan: In high school I did a few art courses, but I was always a visual person rather than a musician. There’s no question about that. I’m not a piano pro, I can’t play music well, because I don’t have a piano, but I would love to be able to learn music and do different projects like that.

The art thing is the most interesting one. A lot of people are not doing it because you ask them to, but I have the idea that a lot of people are having a lot of fun. When you watch the show, you can imagine the same person who’s watching the show having fun doing art. That could work. It might not work. It might not work completely, but you wouldn’t know until one day you’re in class doing it and then you see them doing the same thing. And all of a sudden you have to be thinking, “This is so exciting, it’s really working!”

I think that’s a great idea.

Nathan: We really, really, really wanted to give students the ability to do art because we thought that’s a really important aspect of the arts. But it’s not that they’re just going to give up. They probably wouldn’t be bored if they were making art. Sometimes you have to look at something, and you can’t just sit there forever without getting bored, right? I’m not saying it’s bad to not be bored. I’m saying it’s important to look at something. You can’t just sit there because you have to work. Like, “All I want to do is do this.”

How did a few hundred bucks for your art project come together? Was it in a very organized and organized way?

Nathan: It was totally the work of the director. He showed me a list and said, “Look this is how I’m going to make this happen.” He knew exactly what he was talking about. It was like, “OK, I’ll do it,” he said.

I didn’t do any of the actual work on the piece, and instead I was just trying to figure out how you can create an environment for someone to move their head around in a certain way. I was like, “What

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