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Do you want to dry the brush first before using it? Does the polish dry on your brush?

“I use the acetone I use for degreases to clean brushes but that will dry them out too fast so I clean by hand,” says Zorin (with respect to both cleaning and drying).

Why use acrylic paint for decals?

“After doing a lot of work with a lot of different brands and styles of decals I felt that acrylic paint is the smoothest and most consistent,” says Zorin. “This makes painting a lot more comfortable, which is a really big thing.”

Can you use acrylic paint on paper as well? Can you use a brush to wet paint and smooth the result?

“Absolutely not. Acrylic paint will not adhere to your decal and there would be huge issues with it being destroyed or ruined. It is much more durable than what you see in a lot of the picture book decals because it is made in the USA in a state regulated factory. You would have to order a whole new batch at $5,000 to $10,000 if you use acrylic paint,” explains Zorin. “The main thing is to use something that holds up to the high temperatures that acrylic paints produce for long periods of time. Anything that will do that can’t get by the acrylic paint.”

Can you use different brand of paint on different styles of decals? Do they look like the same decal?

“You would have to be familiar with each individual piece. To get away from all the random variation you would have to learn which one you are working with,” explains Zorin.

If you think acrylic paint has a lot of issues, try this.

Can you use different brands of paper tape and different colors of paint on the back of each decal?

“I would not use more than 1/4” thick paper tape on a decal since most of them are thinner and don’t need as much to hold it. If you do decide to use a thicker paper tape and would like a more permanent finish, you may want to consider a wax sticker to seal up. It’s also more expensive and will take a lot longer (up to 3 weeks). The wax stickers come in different colors,” notes Zorin.

Where do you get your decals and where do you find the vinyl?

“I have found some of my decals locally with some big

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