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Our FREE online classes will teach you the fundamentals of anatomy in an easy-to-understand format. You can choose from the following 3 options:

The Class for Beginners: Designed for medical school dropouts who have no interest in the medical or nursing fields.

The Class for Medical Students: Class is designed for medical school dropouts who are interested in medical school but feel some more in-depth knowledge can be obtained by studying the basics.

The Class for Nurses: Students who work as nurses, nurses’ aides, or medical assistants spend 2 hours a week on the job learning basic medical issues and anatomy.

Are there any limits to how many times I can take a class?

Yes! You can only take up to 12 classes in a year, per class. You cannot change classes or make up a scheduled class for a later time. You should take any time that is reasonably available; however, the school will not be obligated to provide you with a time.

Is a class for a medical student valid if it is held at night?

A Medical student’s class may not be taken during the day of the class (including evening and weekend classes), nor do they have the option to take an afternoon class while continuing to work.

What do I get for my purchase of a Medical Class?

By accepting the terms on this online course you acknowledge and agree that: Your money will directly help a medical school student attend medical school.

You may download and use these files, and will not be charged a fee for sharing them.

You may not modify these files.

You must attribute the source to the author and the website.

You must abide by the licensing terms.

You must not sell the files for profit, resell them to any unauthorized third party, or use them or their material for any commercial purpose.

You may not use these files for any personal purposes or for a commercial purpose.

You may not display these files online.

The files may not be copied, shared, distributed or otherwise used in any way, by any person or entity.

These files are intended for use in professional medical education. These files do not constitute medical knowledge or practice.

You may use these files to make derivative works that enhance the content or functionality of the files.

You may not sell the product or service that you include the material in.

You may not download and

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