How can I draw classes online for free?

By clicking on the button above you will be taken to the page where you can add classes you want to draw. On this page you can click on the categories you would like to add your class to. If a category is not available in your country, we would recommend choosing the category you wish to learn from instead. If the category is not available in your country, then select the language you would like to learn from before you add a new class for that country. To access the course overview, select the course you wish to take. You will then be taken to the course overview page. If you are looking for a specific class, please select that course in the category box of the course overview if you are searching for a specific class and you will be taken directly to the course overview page.

I just want to share lessons with friends! How can I do that?

If you would like to share lessons with friends then simply send an e-mail message to the instructor of the class(s) you wish to share and they will be able to add it to the lesson. If the class was taught by you, you will be added to the instructor’s course overview as well as the class page.

Can I use a lesson from a different instructor to teach a lesson I’ve taken?

Each lesson is unique to you. To view all lessons from other instructors, please click the button below to access the Lessons section of the instructor/class page and then type the instructor you’d like to view lessons from.

Where can I find a course breakdown?

If your country is not listed below, we provide you with a list of courses from many local colleges and universities so that you can choose the course(s) that are right for you. If your country is not listed in the list, then we’re happy to share the course details we have with you. Please email us to receive the details.

Note: The class schedule that is displayed for each country is meant to help you plan your studying in the future. You should still visit these pages to see dates and locations of classes for specific countries as well as to get information about our ongoing courses, discounts and scholarships.

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