How do beginners learn to paint? – Artyfactory Portraits

There are many ways to learn, and many beginners make bad mistakes.

“The more experienced you get, the harder it is for beginners to find their own balance, so you have to help them with that. I think it’s better if you teach them, teach them how your work. I think a good teacher is a mirror in which you reflect everything you see and hear,” Heim said.

To make the lessons easier, Mr. Heim had created “Gem Setters” an online paint gallery where beginners can share their work and have access to other beginner artists around the world. The goal is to keep the gallery alive and create a bridge to the larger audience of experienced artists.

For the beginner, he recommends finding someone who has painted a lot and give them advice.

“What do you find out, the most important thing about painting, are your mistakes?” Mr. Heim asked.

“I think it depends on what you find out. There are so many different reasons for learning something. There’s no single correct way of learning,” says Mr. Miller, who started painting when he was 10 months old.

“If I can do something to improve upon it, it’s probably the right place to do it, because it’s not a one-size-fits-all. It’s more like a puzzle piece where you just want to look at it and try to figure it out with what you have here.”

For those who have struggled with learning paint, Mr. Miller offers some tools from his painting studio.

“What I try to teach them is not to do it as fast as they can as fast as possible. And to slow it to just learn it slowly,” he said with a laugh.

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