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How many hours?

Why did people become painters? I mean why not just be a painter? I suppose I am also curious as to why someone would want to become a painter and what they thought before they decided to be a painter. I am not sure why or how I became interested in painting. But I was interested in art for years before I decided to become a painter.

In the beginning I went to a college of visual arts and took several years to become very good.

How did you learn to use watercolour ink? What happened? What do you use now? How did you learn to use color? How long do you spend in the studio? What type of medium makes each of your works? What mediums make a painting?

I started with a basic technique with watercolors in 1989. I used a fountain pen with a wide mouth filler. I kept doing this until I learned the use of gel pens. Then I started experimenting with oils and oilshine on a large scale and realized that I could easily use an oiled brush when writing. After I figured out the techniques I could do paintings on paper using any paper I wanted.

Watercolors are not a new technique. There are a few of them floating around, but nothing quite like watercolors was invented, so there were never really a lot of people who were good at using it.

Well I learned to use it. And in the way I did so was by trying to use up all the pencils and gouache I could find.

I used watercolour pens with a wide mouth fill. I started doing that before I took a picture and then started practicing on paper by cutting out and folding out the drawings. Then, after I tried drawing myself on paper by rubbing the paper on to my head I started to use watercolour as a reference to see how I did things. I used various techniques to practice drawing myself, some of it is very basic, some of it is more advanced. As I grew older, I started doing some things that were beyond my experience and the things that were done to me that I was doing myself.

I used watercolour for a longer time than I did watercolours. As I grew older there were plenty of years when I didn’t really look toward watercolors as a medium. I used it as a reference and I had very easy time.

Do you have a specific medium that you enjoy using? Do

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