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First of all, the artist has to decide what style of art they want. For example, how to use the pen and paper for comic book projects. To achieve the desired style, first of all you have to decide on the color palette. It is very important when applying a color palette and it is worth paying attention to as it decides the mood and the style of your work. The following chart represents an example of a color palette for comic book projects:

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Comic book color palette

The basic idea is to use the same palette of colours that you use for your sketches. This is most important, as the color palettes changes in the course of the comic. For illustration books it may have been necessary to use more than one color palette for each artist. For example, for the comic book story, each artist has to draw a different version of the character or a different style of the page. This is why a color palette of about 15 – 20 colors per page are most helpful.

If you don’t have the time to draw this many pages per issue, another thing to consider is the color space. This is how many colors you have in a panel. For example, one side of a comic book page must be entirely black while the other part is completely white.

Another thing to consider is to have the same colors used in each page. This is why it is important to know the color palettes you should use for all the different projects. Each style may have a different palette. This is why it’s so important to study the color palette of all the artists’ previous work. Then the general way to apply color changes can be found.

In some cases, you may use different colors on different pages, which will make everything easier to recognize. To apply these changes, you have to adjust the panels on the page.

In another example, your text will be different colors on different page. However, you will most likely draw a similar style of text throughout the whole thing.

In comics, the most important color in all its palettes is usually red. This is because it shows up very clearly in comic books. In fact, this color can be used for the most difficult pages in comic books. This makes red the most used color for the majority of comics. And, to tell you the truth, comic books are some of the easiest in art of all.

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