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When a mother asks her son or daughter to help with an errand or a simple chore, one of the most common responses is to just hand her a note on a piece of paper, or in the other case an iPhone app. But we can’t expect our children to be able to do this all by themselves. That’s why the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development has launched an initiative to develop a mobile app that parents and caregivers can have on the go to organize and schedule household chores for their kids.

A team of scientists at NCCHD has spent the last ten years working on the project and will present the results at a public hearing, Tuesday, March 28th, at the NCCHD’s New Media and Technology Committee’s meeting. The Mobile School Initiative will launch after the March 4th meeting, at which NCCHD will present a brief video promoting the program, along with a summary of the results of the project.

The program is being developed as a part of a larger initiative that hopes to bring digital technology and collaborative learning into every family’s life. This partnership between NCCHD and the Education Digital Initiative, or EDI, is aimed at getting kids better and healthier at school, and at home in the years after kindergarten.

In a recent NCCHD press release, the team acknowledges that technology isn’t the only factor that contributes to high school dropout rates, “but it still is a serious problem. As more parents become engaged in helping their kids with household responsibilities, this is the first major step in ensuring the future development of digital technology and collaborative learning in the home.”

The mobile app will be available for iOS and Android devices within the next few months.

PITTSBURGH—Hoping to avoid a repeat of last summer’s disastrous rollout of Obamacare, the Obama administration is laying the groundwork to offer free health insurance to

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