How do online art classes work?

Online art classes are free and available for everyone from age 18 up to their 60’s. They offer one week courses, a course size, and a time commitment.

Some types of classes are not available in every state, so you can check out our interactive map to see where art classes are available:

Which states offer art classes in online art classes?

See state charts below for details about free online art classes in your state:

How do online art classes work?

The process is similar to the traditional art class experience: students take three online classes, complete all required readings and assignments, and then enroll for face-to-face classes.

What is a free online art teacher?

Students who register for free online art classes will have access to a mentor they can talk to in the real life classroom when they’re doing assignments, working on other projects, and working on a project group. They will also get to do weekly assignments.

Do I want to start my own art classes?

Not necessarily. You have three months to decide if you want to do any of these:

Make a comic, illustration or sketch book and then distribute it to friends and family in person, on your websites, or on social media.

Design, create, or create artwork for a magazine or other print media to share with friends and family in person, on your websites, or on social media.

Design art for your own projects, show, or sell, so you can make money off your art.

Create and sell artwork online at conventions, on forums, or at the gallery, in galleries, art shows, and other locations.

Create art for a website (e.g. Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and sell prints or prints off the website.

Create an art gallery website from scratch or buy an existing one and use it to create your own gallery website.

Design and develop a web or online platform where people can purchase art from each other and share work of their own, and/or sell to each other on websites or websites.

Develop an online gallery where customers can buy art and share it with their friends and relatives in person, on their websites, or on social media.

How do I learn how to make art?

Take our online art education test which gives you an idea of what your skills currently are:

You can also download a free “Art Teacher’s