How do you develop a drawing style? – Online Art Courses For High School Students

Mumford: I draw from different influences or influences I like – it’s how I feel about the subject, the style and the mood that’s going to be important. I feel like I have had a good amount of practice with drawing since I was little, so I always work with different tools and different things to try and bring a unique touch to my drawings.

Fiona: I prefer to draw with pens on paper, so I really can’t be bothered to draw from computer or computer screen. It takes away from the immediacy of the drawing and it’s always changing constantly! I’d rather stick to drawing in a natural style, but I can also draw in my own style when I want to. I’ve gotten a lot better at drawing in a wide variety of styles in my own personal style now and it makes me feel the confidence to make more different looking depictions of the same subject as well.

Mumford: But I do draw everything digitally, too, and sometimes you want to have a little more control over when you choose to put a piece of art online – to change a colour, to add an effect, to adjust a detail. You usually get a lot more out if you control where you put it but sometimes you end up missing the beauty of the details. Sometimes to make the work really stand out, you need to have a great amount of detail.

Fiona: I feel my style has been growing more towards the digital realm as I’ve gotten older, and it’s one of the reasons I’m drawn to it. Also, I’ve learned to make my drawings look amazing with Photoshop – something which I’ve had to learn as I got older, and one of the things a lot of artists don’t know how to do when starting out. Even before I was ready to express myself on paper, I had a digital computer set up, but that didn’t help me as much as it hopefully will in the future. I know if I was able to make the work look really nice digitally I’m sure it would help sell comics – I’ve become quite adept in making digital art look really nice.

Do you think your fans would appreciate you more drawing with a pen?

Mumford: Yes, I think the way I approach drawing digitally can really help make them understand your style a lot more. I draw digitally in my own style – a style that I like to draw in, but still have what I want to express in that illustration on the page.

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