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The best way is to start with the basics.

Do you really want to learn Java? You already know how to write apps for Android! In this tutorial we’ll teach you Java basics. And we’ll make it even easier, by bringing you the whole language to play with.

In case you missed it earlier, you can check the tutorial to write a simple app for Android:

You will want to use the same process for any Android project, because there are many different libraries that you will be using throughout the rest of the article.

Let’s start by writing the basic HTML page. Go to File -> New File, press the “+New Empty File” button.

Select Main File as the Project Type, and press OK.

Now you will see the HTML content. This includes a “About” page, another page for the project’s description, two buttons for the project’s description and code of the app, and the “Install app project” button. Select Install Android App and hit Install. The installer will show the following screen.

After the installation completes, go ahead to View -> Edit Project, and select the “new empty project” as well as “Aptoide” as the Java JDK and APK to use on your computer.

Let’s now write the main Android app. Type “/app” for the app’s name in the search bar and press Enter.

A dialog will pop up. Now open the MainActivity and paste the following code:

To call the main method of the new App class, type “init”, and hit Enter.

We’ll now move on to get it up and running. Select File -> New File, press “plus” twice, and hit Enter again.

Select Main Activity as the Project Type, then click OK.

A dialog will pop up. Choose Application as the Name, then “new empty project”, and hit OK.

Now you’ll see your new App as an empty project in the project viewer at the top. Click on the name of the project, and you’ll see a new screen.

Go to View -> Project and select the project with a new project name. The project will appear in the left pane.

Now select App as the Project name, then click OK.

Now go ahead to the main view of the project. Click on the “+” symbol in the bottom-right corner, then “Aptoide”.

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