How do you draw an online course? – Free Online Art Lessons Homeschool Classifieds Chattanooga has a very flexible set up which allows you to provide the content and take notes, using any combination of your chosen notes/forms. We have used our teaching templates (available in a dropbox folder) to quickly and easily create courses and then share the course files with our instructors. It is really easy for you to create a single course, use your own notes, or add links to other courses in other folders for distribution.

How do you choose instructors and course materials?

We have a large selection available from over 100 teachers to choose from. Choose which classes you wish to have completed and then add the teachers you wish to recommend into a menu. Select the course materials you wish to use (text & photos, course videos etc), then click on the course you wish to create. Check out the Course Submission window to see how we manage course files and where your course is listed (all courses are listed, but only the course you have created is listed).

Do I get my course listed on your website?
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Unfortunately no – we do not have a database of course teachers to link to. Each instructor is linked to a database at – if you are looking to create a course, please check and change teachers as required!

A Texas state representative said Sunday that he’s not even sure if President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is real because he’s seen it only three times.

“I’ve seen it, but it’s a picture of our dead president, that’s why I can only see the back and not his head,” Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) said to host Alisyn Camerota on ABC’s “This Week.”

The Republican representative has repeatedly been trying to obtain the paper document that has become a centerpiece of Obama’s 2008 campaign, while Republicans have insisted it is fake.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Republican legislators said that they are willing to spend $50,000 to have the image compared to the official one and have it verified by several experts, if the House bill passes this week.

The state’s GOP Gov. Rick Perry has promised to do whatever it takes to get the Obama birth certificate released, as ABC News’ Michael Falcone notes. If not him, it’s likely congressional Republicans, who have led an effort to block an immigration bill.

Burgess did not offer a specific example of the Obama birth certificate but noted that even the current president hasn’t received such good quality

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