How do you start a canvas painting? – Online Art Classes For Homeschoolers Free

Drawing a picture: a few strokes or lines to paint a picture

Drawing an outline: sketch outline, then paint

Using a medium of your choice: watercolor, gouache, watercolors, graphite, gouache by hand, watercolors by water, etc

How do you make an outline?

With your finger and a pen or pencil

Using a paint brush, such as graphite

With your fingers (your favorite paint brush!)

Draw with all four of your fingers

Let’s create our canvas, and how do we finish it off?

Let’s put some light into this canvas!

Begin painting the shape!

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Fill in the rest of the shape

Let’s paint the color in!

As you finish you can check if it looks good!

How many colors can we put in?

You can make up to 14, and even higher

You can paint the color by yourself, as well

If a paint brush is used, you can also use brushes in between the paint brush and your body

If you have a wet palette, it makes for a more professional look

Let’s get some more light into the canvas!

How do we finish all of this?

It is a case by case decision

How often do we finish?

Once you get the hang of things

Once you find a good painting method that feels comfortable (which is different for everyone)

If possible, make this a regular thing

The only requirement for finishing is that you find a way to light the picture using different shades of paint

You can use any type of paints as long as they are light enough!

Let’s draw a simple circle, and how do we make it bigger?

By drawing an outline around the circle!

It’s easy to get lost when painting an outline, so take advantage of this by sketching out an outline of your own sketch.

Drawing an outline isn’t just about the first sketch, it will give you a solid idea of where to paint!

You can make a circle, but not a rectangle.

If all of the circles you draw look the same, it may be time to try changing directions!

Drawing a triangle is easy, and can be done using just about any technique!

If they look the same, it may be

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