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A great idea from artist Ben Folds has inspired another artist, artist Tom Schaffner.

Schaffner has been creating canvas paintings in his apartment for the last year. His first piece is called “The Cat,” where he draws a cat. “It’s a pretty simple one,” he told The Huffington Post. “But once I drew him with the same brush he drew my son, it was almost as if I’ve done a painting with my own child … it’s been really inspiring.”

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Schaffner says he’s had the idea to incorporate his children as a character in the painting. “It’s about a real cat,” he said. “We use a picture of a cat and we have some of the kids paint their own cat and then I draw him.”

The artist has used his family pictures in his art, but now his son joins him.

The Cat painting is Schaffner’s second canvas with children in it. The first, “The Cat,” has three children, ages 6, 14 and 18.

“I started with the cats because that’s what I was thinking about at the time — I’d always really wanted to add a child as a character,” Schaffner told The Huffington Post. “I love the idea of using kids (as a character) to say, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?'”

The artist says he has received a lot of support from his artist friends and from Etsy shops. This past Saturday he made the painting available to the public.

“It’s such an interesting canvas to make. You can see some of the kids do the painting right in front of my little cat,” he said. His cat is the main character in the painting, so he is using both the cat and their dog-like appearance.

“The idea is always something you can see,” he continued. “To me, it’s all about being inspired, and what you do when you’re inspired is something special and I’ve tried to make the world feel like that.”

The artist says he hopes his painting will help people to think about what they really want in terms of what’s in their own heads.

“What you see in your head is almost always what you want what to do next,” he told The Huffington Post. “What people are going to love about this is ‘Wow! This is so true.’ They’re going to find that this painting gives them a sense of what they want

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