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How do you get the painting started? How do you finish a painting, if you are serious about it? If not, then how can it be done? We all know the answer to this question. The problem is that you have to start a painting from scratch. Let’s talk a little more about how this process works and the things you should think about before starting.

The process of creating art should be as simple as possible, yet complex. What I mean by that will be the topic of a future article. However, here I will first highlight some of the common pitfalls that beginners find when starting out painting and then will show you some of the tools I use on a regular basis. Keep in mind that this is my opinion rather than any real information.

1. What To Do Before You Start

It is absolutely essential to get an idea of what you are painting before you begin. That means, you need to gather your resources and have some basic knowledge about what you’re trying to paint before trying to build your ideas into something tangible. The main things to keep in mind are:

What the painting is for

How to paint it

To what effect does it need to be painted

Pastel Landscape Lesson Plan
Painting styles

What colors work best

2. The Work Flow

When starting out it is important to first understand what a good painting is, so you will be able to know what works best for you.

A good painting is a work that takes into account the theme of the painting. However, don’t just pick a theme and go from there. There is no point in starting off with what will give off the most pleasing results and then trying to improve upon that. A good painting is as much about what inspires you from the start through to the end as where it comes from.

3. The “Main” Layer

How the layers are placed is an important part of creating an original, timeless and timelessly beautiful painting like your beloved mother on your arm. This layer is the reason why your painting has legs to it, which is the foundation for the rest. This layer should look the way it feels. It should represent how that painting should paint upon and if you don’t know how your layers should look then get it right.

In this layer you have the main painting, which usually means that your primary colors will be used. This layer can also have a special layer that your subject matter paints on.

I often prefer this layer

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