How do you start off a painting? – How To Give A Drawing Lesson

You begin by painting the lines. If they’re not very high up or very thin, they don’t look like actual lines in the sky. You can paint the lines down, but you have to be confident in where things are and what’s underneath them. I like to see them all the same way; it’s a pretty good method.

When you’re at your limit, are you happy just making the strokes? Does it feel nice?

It just depends. The beauty I have is in knowing when I have reached the limit. Then it’s over. That’s a feeling I just learned. I have no complaints about how I have progressed or how I have progressed and I’ve got something to show for the year and my practice and my progress. So that’s my goal. You don’t have to go out and try to get better for the next thing.

You said you were born and raised in Texas, was this where your interest in painting began?
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Yeah, it was born in Texas. I just went to school at the University of Texas. My dad’s from Kansas, so we kind of went around together. We got together a few times and got into this and I got into painting.

I think you painted more in the summer than in the winter. What is the difference?

Well, the winter was all outdoor, it was all windy and stuff. You have really, really bad weather in the springtime; I just never really felt like painting in it. It was just always a lot of rain. But, in the fall, you have kind of nice weather and it’s very calm, so painting was not a problem. I would always take pictures to look at, but it never really, I’m not talking about the big, beautiful pictures. I’m usually just going around, taking small pictures. But it was a nice spring. But the summers were different.

What do you look forward to most?

Being able to get away to a lake or to a place that’s not too far from an airport, you have less commuting and more time. I think that’s the one thing you miss when you move from Dallas.

What kind of place are you looking forward to?

You can paint the lake, you can paint some mountains, you can paint in the city park. You can paint outside and go into a park, which is good. If you went inside, you’d lose your concentration, you’d be distracted

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