How do you start off a painting? – Online Oil Painting Classes

It’s funny, it’s really not something you can really begin to do unless you are an interior and interior painting is not a very creative thing. You cannot make it look like a painting. You need a palette, you need a point of reference, which I think is the one thing everybody should realize that they aren’t making an entire image on a canvass. A painting does not have to be an image, an exterior painting can be an entire image. You do not need to be the first person to look at an image, it can be done by someone who will not look at an image. What matters is how you see it, what the picture is going to be. You need to understand the process of how you go from the concept, to the painting, to the finished product.

“You could paint by hand, and by hand you can make an art.”

What I learned from working and doing many things for decades was you could start on a blank canvas, and you could do a certain color or tone and you would make it a painting later on. It’s a process. We all have ideas that we have come up with that we don’t even know it. For example, the whole “black and white” thing was done during the last couple of years, I didn’t know that was in my head until the end [of work]. It all started with one color on white paper to create the colors: brown, blue, yellow. All those ideas came from the first one that I knew was in my head.

You mentioned that your approach wasn’t new but the process was. Does that mean you went into the picture with more “intuition”—and what was your intuition?

Yes, totally. When I was growing up I learned a lot of drawing and painting as well. One of the important things about all those things is they are intuition. They are not logical ideas. The reason why I’m not a formal artist is because of that. Now that I’m more on the technical side of things, I don’t know as much about art history, and I’m trying to learn as much as possible. I am trying to understand everything that I could to know how an artist could approach a painting or a drawing.

Was there a moment of inspiration when you first started doing interior work?

I started painting when I was in my 40s. It was from my late teens up until my mid 50s when I started getting involved professionally.

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