How do you start off a painting?

I really try to take things into my own hands when painting. I’ve done a few pieces online before and never gotten the look right. That’s something my husband and I have tried to remedy in our own home. We also started using the Internet to find information. When we’re searching and I can’t find something I’m looking for I’m on the Internet to help me. This past summer we got together 3 times and got everything off the Internet together. Once I found my little shop, I wanted to have a whole shop so I could make sure all the pieces fit together well.

You’ve also done some print art too?

Yes. I still like to make pictures when I can get them; people have always been interested in my paintings. It’s just that my art has always really been more traditional based on other art. I have a big passion for the art of modernism. I like to try and incorporate all the artistic influences that can make up contemporary art without being too cheesy.

Tell us more about the process of coming up with a new artwork.

That process is really just a way for me to get into painting again. I was able that I was going to try. It wasn’t always easy, it had never been done before. But it started out, if you know, getting back into it. After I had learned something about the techniques, but also started doing those things well. The things that you really try to work on as an artist are the things that you can do and that is where the creativity takes place.

We all know that the art of modernism is the art of the mind. Does your studio work to express that in any way?

I’m just a painter. That’s all there is to it, just some color in the room. I love color, I think color is great. I think a lot of people can tell that. I love paintings. I love the idea of color and painting. There are great images in my paintings that have to do with color. But in my process, I really try to avoid it in a way. I want to find a way in which it makes more sense. I think people see color for what it really is; that you can’t really describe it in a way that makes it better or worse or anything like that. I like to do the work I do and just really paint; my colors. I just need to find a way that works for me.