How long does it take to learn to draw? – Art Lessons For Kids

How many hours does it take to draw a simple face with a lot of detail? Do you think you’re going to be able to draw in a similar way to the people that we see on the streets of India?

P.S. If you like what you see, please feel free to let me know so I can keep you guys posted.


M.M.N.H. –

The Man. The Woman.

M.M.N.H. is a very special group of people! We’ve all been touched by this crazy magical place and it’s been an amazing experience. We’d like to share some of the unique experiences we’ve had at M.M.N.H. with you!



The Group / Grouping / Meeting :

The M.M.N.H. Group:

We’re a group of people that live on the streets of Manila and we love to socialise

We’re a family – we have 4 children and we love our little family

We’re just a few friends that want to share our experience of life and how to live life for others 🙂

We want to show that it’s possible to be a “” and we’re ready to help you do it 🙂

The family that lives in Manila:

A family of 4. We are a big family (10 kids) of 4 adults and one kid. It is our mission to provide our kids with a healthy and happy child life.

We have our own nursery, we’ve helped others to raise their children by reading, teaching, playing and showing how to help!

The Group that resides in the Netherlands:

A group of 8 men & 2 women in the Netherlands. We’re a group of 8 men living in the Netherlands and we love to socialise and have a good time

We are members of all social groups in the Netherlands, just like you!

M.M.N.H. Group Meetings :

For every month and every meeting we organise several M.M.N.H. Meetings in different places (in this city, in Manila…)

The M.M.N.H. Meetings are like the last part of the monthly “sick days” at a holiday.

There is a lot

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