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There’s a simple answer here that I want to share to you: It depends who you ask.

There are a few factors and approaches that I believe are critical to improving drawing speed, and the most important of those things are time and self-discipline.

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A few years ago I had the opportunity to take my son to see a local professional drawing camp, and that helped me tremendously in learning quickly and staying focused on what I want to do. It also gave me some very interesting insights about how to work with my son and how to keep up with the changes he made to his own drawing over the time I was at the camp.

There’s a fairly simple formula and tool that is very useful. It’s called the “rule of thumb.” For those of you who have never seen or had an experience with such a method in another language, I’ve put together some visual aid to help illustrate:

This works well with both young children and grown-ups. My wife has been going to that same drawing camp for 7+ years and it’s not as expensive as I remember it being when she attended. I have made many drawing progress, both on my own and with others in my circle. I will leave the hard work to the professionals at this point, but I’ll continue to share my experience and share my methods as we learn.

Here is an example where I took my 2-year old to a professional drawing camp, showing him what one would expect. It also helped my wife and me to understand and practice what works for each individual and the style that is best for them.

Here’s a look at one of my own drawings from last season. Here’s another, where I think I got the biggest help from that lesson.

I’ll leave everyone else wondering what your drawing progress has been, but try to start practicing the drawing process now. It’s easier said than done, but if you want to master drawing fast, you can.

If you’re interested in learning more about the “rule of thumb” or learning new approaches to drawing, I highly recommend taking the following courses:

A “free” version is available online, but be aware that I only recommend the “free” version if you have access to a computer which you can host the files on. It is the first thing I recommend doing if you’re new to this type of learning and/or have computer issues. All of these courses require lots of preparation time, dedication, and time

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