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I am not very concerned with the fact my paint is acrylic. I would have liked to know if the acrylic is waterproof, but then maybe I wouldn’t have needed to purchase the white paint!

A few days ago, I got a few requests for an infographic about the history of Bitcoin, its origins, and its current status.
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I felt they should have the info out asap, so here it is.

There are tons of other resources online, I just felt like providing this one so people can learn more about the history of Bitcoin.

Please spread the word and link to this post, thank you in advance!

Please note that the opinions expressed in the following infographic belong to the author, and will not necessarily reflect my own views.

A few days ago I was looking for the simplest and easiest way to connect to a Raspberry Pi, I was finding all of the code from a similar project on a Raspberry Pi Forums post, but to run it I had to be on a Linux LiveCD. So how do you make this work? Well first off, you need to install some Ubuntu based software which allows you to interact with your Raspberry Pi.

Now if you’re using Ubuntu, you already have these options, you only need to download a few different things:

sudo apt-get install python-serial-drivers sudo apt-get install python3-serial-drivers sudo apt-get install python3-pex-dev sudo apt-get install python3-dev sudo apt-get install python3-config-dev sudo apt-get install python3-setuptools

We then need to install the package called pxw, this package allows us to build the Python modules for the Raspberry Pi which will enable us to use a Raspberry Pi without having to install python ourselves.

sudo apt-get install python3-pip python3-pextools sudo unzip -p sudo rm -rf pi-libs-pws

Next we need to install the Python package PYTHON3 PWM Support. This will allow us to create a Pi-PWM that our Pi will talk to our Raspberry Pi at This will require you to upgrade your version of pyserial driver and then install the Python module to ensure it works properly. Here is how we make this work:

sudo apt-get install python3-pip python3-

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