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Most skills, if practiced daily, go toward the development of a valuable skill. To me, it is a lot more important than the technical level of the individual who learns it.

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HALIFAX—Ontario’s labour relations watchdog says it will launch a public inquiry into workplace harassment at Canadian Tire, but will leave open the possibility of setting aside issues like alleged illegal discrimination for a new probe. “We will investigate, but we will not be limiting this inquiry to allegations of workplace harassment that may be a concern of the federal government,” says Mike Allen, chair of the Workplace Respect and Workplace Safety Authority’s panel.

Mike Allen, chair of its Workplace Respect and Workplace Safety Authority panel, says the probe into Canadian Tire’s alleged inappropriate workplace conduct will focus only on issues related to unionized employees, while not excluding cases of harassment from the investigation. ( Adrian Wyld / THE CANADIAN PRESS file photo )

“We recognize that we are in a unique, unprecedented environment, and we will continue to be vigilant in ensuring we investigate allegations appropriately,” he says in a statement. “We will be examining all aspects of the situation including the nature, extent and results of allegations.” Allen said in August it was unlikely he would launch the investigation since the matter, which was first brought into the spotlight during the federal election campaign, was outside his purview. But in his statement Thursday, Allen acknowledges there has been widespread concern about the alleged harassment.

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“I am aware of the concerns around this issue, and that is why I am determined to do what I can to address it. However, I have concerns that the government of Canada and the provincial government cannot and will not provide us with the information that we need to fully explore all aspects of the investigation,” Allen tells reporters. “In fact, this concern is why I have called for a public inquiry.” The Workplace Respect and Workplace Safety Authority, which oversees the province’s provincial labour laws, will hold its first ever meeting on Monday, May 10, to decide a path forward for a public inquiry, Allen said. “In order to find the right balance, we must ensure we have the proper resources to conduct proper investigations, and

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