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“That’s not the issue at all. People who think that art is a talent or a talent-like ability are doing a bad job of explaining the science. It’s both. It’s not just that there are very fine and talented people who do great and fine and fine work but there is also also a large number of very good and fine people. People go through their life trying to hone their skills. This is true. And it’s true across the board. You see kids who are in good schools doing fine but are never considered professional artist. And you see people who go through their lives getting some experience which may be for small periods of time and then they end up going into the profession of art, sometimes going for years, just making very decent livings. This is true across the board. This is the definition of talent. Art, it’s a skill like any other skill. But people who say it is a skill, which is nonsense, are doing a bad job of explaining what it is.”

The White House wants Congress to stop paying for climate change research. They’re pushing for a new funding system to fund “other national security and intelligence” research instead. The proposal came out of a White House “working group” created in June to consider “the most effective approach to addressing climate change in the United States.”

To do so, the administration has called for cutting $1.5 million from the NASA climate change program, one of the few federal climate research programs that is actually on the hook for climate work. Instead of giving money to research into climate change, the administration proposes replacing the existing NASA climate change programs with new ideas for funding other national security and intelligence research.

The administration’s White House budget proposal would put a five-year cap on total U.S. funding for national security and intelligence research, although a new funding model for other national security and intelligence (NSI) research will take effect after two years.

“Funding for NSI research will expand and accelerate,” the proposal states. “In addition to the existing NSI budgets, we should develop a strategy that will help fill the gap by prioritizing programs and priorities in each of NASA’s national security programs, especially climate change.”


“NSI research and other NSI funding are crucial to ensuring the United States maintains its leadership as a leading technology and innovation power — to ensure that America continues to be an inspiration to the world and that it remains a force for good in the world

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