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And should art be rewarded for the efforts of others? To help clarify this question, a new series of articles aims to shed light on our contemporary artistic history and present how we might better define and appreciate the diverse forms that represent a unique world.

“You see in a painting, a great many things are happening at once that would normally seem very chaotic…The things moving up that one’s eye can see, for me, are part of a sequence and they should not be seen as separate…We are living in times where art is more open, and in that open place of art we can really make things happen, and in time you find some beautiful things that are in the moment.”

– David Lipsky, 2014

I have been fascinated and honored to work with and with my colleagues at The New Yorker since 2009 (we were part of the inaugural New York class, which established our very own magazine) and I have enjoyed working with each of them immensely and have found they are both very generous, generous men who also have very interesting conversations on art and the creative process. It is because of them that I have been able to participate (and continue contributing) at many museums across the country and around the world and I believe they are very much committed to the arts as part of their mission. I am not a scientist, or a philosopher, or an artist, or a writer, or a critic, or a social critic, or a scientist, because all these are very broad terms, but they seem to describe a few aspects of my life, or perhaps some facets of life.

Each one of them has a specific area of expertise and I have found their enthusiasm refreshing and inspiring in their willingness to pursue it and to work with me. If nothing else, I believe all of them have a healthy appreciation for creativity, because while they may disagree on many things, for them that is what is important to them.
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As they have found a role in our community, we have grown and developed as a group and we have also grown and developed as individuals, but one thing they all agree on is that as a group we are incredibly fortunate to have these wonderful artists who have made this place all the better.

To me this is an extraordinary compliment and an example of a true gift. It shows that artists can accomplish amazing things and that as a group we are capable of so much more than we sometimes feel we deserve. This is an appreciation we can’t explain, but if we do what we really

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