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How do you know that you’re a good director?

You’ve always wanted to work in a theater. That’s it. You’re a good director. You just get good, you know, lucky, with the work you get! You have no clue. It’s a gift.


So you’re going back around to do all the musicals and documentaries you do?

I’m going back to film.

There’s something a little too much in me about that, isn’t there? The way that these ideas can get stuck in my head. Even when I’m actually writing, writing these ideas out is a little too much. So much so that I’ve been forced to ask my husband to help. This, to me, is the perfect way to get some work done and keep me on track, and at the same time, I still got these ideas coming on.

“Ladies and gentlemen: this is Mr. President,” began an impassioned speech from Bill Clinton on Monday.

Mr. Clinton was addressing attendees of the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner in Washington last night.

In his speech, he took aim at both the press and media, calling out both “a few” media critics and those who attack the president from an “obscure corner of the internet.”

“Those who call us fake news are just trying to make a buck,” he said.

When it came time for the audience to respond, the former president’s speech was a mix of personal history, humorous anecdotes, and a call to “stop this fake news.”

“We’re still here. Please understand that. We’re still here,” said Mr. Clinton, addressing the media. “You still have questions. Please answer. It’s up to you now, sir. But you don’t have all the answers. You can’t just assume that we all know the answer.”

Mr. Clinton’s remarks came about six minutes before the president stepped up to the lectern and said a few words about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s election hacks, and his reaction to Trump’s statement of “we shouldn’t be surprised.”

While the president had not spoken about recent hacks before, he did discuss Trump’s tweet.

“So we’ve had some very strong reactions, but they should be about the election itself. This was an attempted interference in a political process,” he said. “This is not about anything else.”


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