Is art a talent or a skill?

Some say that art is the brainchild of a genius, and that a skilled artist is simply as smart as a skilled engineer. I like this perspective, because it helps to understand that it’s entirely possible to be smart and capable of creating great art.
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I think you have a lot to learn if you think that this is the case. I think it’s more accurate, however, to compare art to the art that humans created long before the invention of tools. The same way it’s amazing that we can build up skyscrapers, it’s equally remarkable that we can create art.

You can build up skyscrapers. You can put a picture up on the Internet. You can print things up and make them available on the web. The problem is that you’re not allowed to produce art that’s of much practical use. In fact, it seems we’ve almost given up on the idea of “art”.

Art exists because we need it. If we wanted to spend our whole lives sitting at desks, we would not have the opportunity to build up art. Instead we’d live in caves under a mountain that didn’t have much to do with science but was pretty impressive to make it seem. That is not art. We’ll never be able to build the skyscrapers, print large objects, or print huge quantities to make them accessible. We can’t even draw in our hands, because we don’t have the same kind of tools that people do have.

A couple years ago I made the assumption that we couldn’t ever make art because we didn’t have the appropriate tools. And then I realized that maybe we were underestimating the potential of what we knew. And I was even considering that maybe all we’re able to do is paint pictures. Well, maybe we can make art, and all we have to do it to be able to do art is to make the tools we need.

Well, maybe we’re already at a state of being as good at doing things as we are able to do? Let’s see if we can make things on our home computers, print off our own art, and build stuff on our home printers and put it everywhere. Maybe it’s time to get some new tools.

You’re not a computer geek, you just like building things. You can’t be an artist unless you can make something in your life. And if your life is a pile of junk from your childhood, you probably aren’t going to be a good artist anyway. If