Is it too late to learn to draw?

The truth is that learning to draw is not that hard to learn, and people of most shapes and sizes can do it, especially when inspired when they are. However, when a person doesn’t have the chance to draw or see other art, it can take an awful lot of self-discipline, practice, and motivation to reach the ability. (Of course, for those already in their late 20’s, there are plenty of ways to learn and experience what it feels like to be a cartoonist for an hour a day with plenty of support and encouragement.) As soon as you begin, the real challenge is to continue to make progress and try out new elements.
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What are some tips and tricks you use to get on the right track?

There’s a couple of main things I use, not necessarily in my own work, but for other people. First and foremost, I try to keep it small. Sometimes, because other stuff may keep me focused, I’ll sketch just one character at a time or draw just one panel at a time; I’ll try everything I can think up and then do the next drawing. I’ll then pick a different character and try that, and so on for every character that comes up later, as I’ve found that if it’s not that character I’m working on right now, it’s just going to be a distraction from where I’m going to be on the page.

Also, I have a technique called “paint-the-page-in-one-move,” where I’ll usually start with a simple character such as a dog, and then have lots of different shapes that can be animated around that simple core concept. I like it, because after that I can move the other shapes back into the foreground.

The second thing I use is to draw in the same way. If I’m thinking about a new design or figure for my work, I try to do it the same way it was done in the earliest paintings or drawings that I saw. It also helps to have good reference, such as a book, newspaper, etc., to make sure that I’m not doing something that has already been done. (That being said, I think it helps to have different backgrounds to draw over as my reference too.)

The final thing I use to get started on a drawing is to go to my favorite local art store and ask to buy a sheet of paper from them. And then to pick up and turn that sheet of paper into something of