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Yes, if you follow the standard certification procedure specified by the College of Engineering, the college or institution you are working with will have you covered. The college or institution your choice should contact for complete details.

Do online certification programs provide the best path for you?

You are able to choose any one course (even a different subject matter) or choose an accredited university’s certificate in your field to ensure you have the highest level of accreditation to ensure that you qualify for all the benefits of online certification. This is because each area has its own standards of training (such as the type of certification you are eligible for) and a high level of study will provide students that professional and valuable education, including the skills needed to obtain a new industry certification.

A year ago, in April 2015, the U.S. State Department designated the People’s Republic of China as a state sponsor of terrorism. The State Department also listed the People’s Republic of China as a “country of continuing concern” for its human rights abuses. The Chinese government labeled the U.S. designation false and deceptive, so as to make the case for a “free and open Indo-Pacific” region, an apparent ploy to prevent new U.S. security treaty partners from aligning themselves with the Obama administration’s strategy on China, while still pushing hard on its own version of “regional hegemony.” The Chinese government’s latest gambit to avoid being branded an adversary and to gain the benefit of the label, however, is by using its own language to undermine its “terrorist” designation, which, in China’s eyes, has been made a sham.

That China is using its own language on the terrorism label, however, will not come as a surprise to those who know history, for China’s actions were already well-known. For years, China had not been listed under the United Nations Security Council’s terrorist list, which was created over thirty years ago by the Council in 1994 in response to the atrocities in Indonesia. In 1999, President Bill Clinton designated China as a “state sponsor of terrorism.” In 2005, in reaction to the massacre of the Uighur minority at SARS’s Tumen Bridge by terrorists, the U.S. renewed that definition, in an effort to put Uighur terrorists on a par with Al Qaeda.

And so, in order to avoid what it deems as a “mischief,” the Chinese government has now been labeled a “terrorist state,” by the European Union. The EU list

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