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The online certification cannot be used to get a license of any kind, including a state’s driver’s license or ID card. However, if you have successfully passed a training course at the University of Arizona, and you have registered in the DMV Online Certification Program, you can apply for a current (not prior to July 1, 2018) License to Carry Arizona.

What happens if you are unsuccessful in applying for a Arizona License to Carry?

The online certification has certain limitations: it doesn’t let you take exams, pass the required physical exam, or operate and maintain your own private security business (as your only option is to take a physical exam at the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s Office of Emergency Services).

You also are not allowed to buy a firearms license, or obtain a gun-lover’s permit; purchase alcohol or ammunition; or carry firearms without an active Arizona resident or a concealed handgun license. But, there is a program called “Arpaio Police” available to assist those with a criminal record who are unable to legally carry firearms (or carry the weapons legally). You can also use your online certification to obtain the Sheriff’s Association’s Safety Patrol card.

What if I am issued an Arizona Firearms License for California, New York, New Jersey, etc.?

You’ll need a New York or New Jersey Firearms License to carry a firearm in your vehicle in the state that you’re visiting. However, the New York State Police issued licenses to over 100 other states prior to California establishing Arizona as an out-state state that allows residents from those states who are living out-of-state to take an Arizona License to Carry a firearm into their state of residence. For more information about the New York or New Jersey licenses, see our page on the New York permit or license process.

Can students who took Arizona’s permit preparation course pass the police proficiency exam?

Yes, they can. The Arizona State Police only requires completion of the Arizona Pistol Safety course, with a minimum of three hours of instruction.

Will Arizona require me to have a police permit for personal protection?

This state does not have a legal need for a permit for personal protection, though it is a very useful defense against a crime that requires a permit. Arizona is an “open carry” state that allows permits for open carrying where this is lawful, subject only to the conditions mentioned below.

How does the Arizona Police Department determine whether an Arizona pistol license is needed for carrying?


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