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No. You will need to take your test again in a year or two.

I live in the US and am a US citizen, do I need a US-level exam to pass? Yes

Can I register for the exam for a student? Sure! You’ll get a full refund if you decide to skip the exam or change your citizenship.

Students in Canada can register for the exam for a maximum of two people.

Can I take the exam only once? Yes. By submitting your test in full to the DMV, you agree to take the exam only once. You can register for at least 2 people, or you can register for up to 9 people.

Once you’ve registered for the exam, you’ll get a full refund if you decide to skip the exam or change your citizenship.

Who are the exam coordinators at the DMV? There are eight exam coordinators. If you want assistance completing the exam, you can send an email to test [email protected]

Can I get a free copy of my completed test? No. You must take the test at a DMV location.

Are there questions for online learners? Yes! You can find FAQs and other resources in many of the questions you’ll be asking. Online learner FAQs

Online learner FAQs

Online learner FAQs

(CNN) — From the moment President Donald Trump became President, the press office at the White House is bristling at the questions — and they have a point.
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They aren’t asking the questions because they’re afraid they’ll alienate Trump. They are asking the questions because they know that it’s a legitimate question.

As CNN’s Jim Acosta has pointed out, it’s not normal for any new President to fire off personal insults before delivering the formal inaugural address, but Trump is doing just that.

The reason for the intense media attention is that the president does not appear to grasp this standard of decorum or the responsibility to treat journalists as a matter of course.

His tweets about CNN and New York Times reporters are not a mistake. His comments about NBC News in December when he claimed it was “the most dishonest institution in America” are not a mistake.

His comments on CNN — when he described them as, quote, the “enemy of the American people” and the “enemy of the press” — are not a mistake.

Rather, they are the culmination of decades of

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