Is online certification valid?

Yes, as verified by Google.

So how can I get free software?

Visit the following websites and you’ll get immediate access to free documentation:

Sage Studio:

Cognitive Drawing - Teach Yourself to Draw!!! - YouTube

There are many tutorials to guide you through developing a web application by Sage. Take a look around at the website to understand exactly what needs to be done, what’s required and how.

How do I buy Sage?

To purchase Sage license, click here .

How can I get Sage source codes for Windows?

Microsoft released a new version of MSVC that includes sources for both Windows Forms and Node.js as well as more than half of the available Sage frameworks.

The current version of MSVC is .NET Core 1.1 and MSVC 2017. You can get source for both from here.

Can I write Sage code with Visual Studio? Can I import source code from a template?

While you probably won’t want to use Visual Studio to develop Sage code, in some rare cases you might want to. Visual Studio Code is the most feature rich, feature complete IDE you can find. In fact, it includes every piece of code in every project, allowing you to start writing from scratch in just a few minutes. It also has many other nice features including debugging features, syntax highlighting, line numbers, and code completion. So, no matter which IDE you choose, it is worth taking a look at the documentation on the website.

Another reason to write your own code is that you can import third-party libraries and add support for new language features into your code. Some third party services offer this functionality for no cost. Here are just a few examples: NPM for PHP and Ruby on Rails, npm for Python or Node, and Node-JS for Node.js.

What is the source code of a new code revision?

The version of the Sage code you publish to Google Code will be called SAGE_REVISION. In order to ensure integrity when someone copies your source code into a third-party repo there are several precautions that should be taken.

First there is a Google Code License Agreement that you need to read before you start releasing source code. It includes a very detailed section on whether you can release your source code as open source or commercial licensed.

Google Code has created a separate