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How many different methods could that cover?
Okay, so I think it’s not a good job, but it’s probably the easiest thing for me, so I don’t feel like I’ve been treated unfairly.
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The former home of President Barack Obama to the White House was not only the most expensive home in the District, but was also one of the most-vacant in the nation.

The home is currently worth $2.6 million on the market and the average price for a single-family home in the District is $2,547, according to Zillow.

The owner’s financial situation has been volatile for years and the home was purchased in 2009. Obama’s office refused to comment to The Washington Post on the property, and the White House would not comment on the sale and the property itself either.

The home, originally purchased by a man named David Egerman in 2005, has been the residence of the president since he was running for office. But it’s unclear when the current price for the home started climbing.

The president’s official spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A man has pleaded guilty to stabbing a neighbour in an armed robbery in an incident captured on his Facebook Live video and subsequently being labelled an “innocent bystander”.

The 26-year-old man admitted attempted murder on Monday at the Newcastle Local Court, where he faced sentencing on Friday.

Nathan D’Addario uploaded the footage to his Facebook page in September, explaining that he was at a nightclub when he noticed a man carrying a knife.

“There’s just one problem – there’s the cop, but there’s no one else around,” he said. “I’m feeling really intimidated, I have knives in my pockets, so I think I’m gonna do something.”

The video shows two armed men walking towards him. As D’Addario tries to hold onto his gun to defend himself, the attackers pull the gun out of the man’s hand and start stabbing him in the knee with a double-edged knife. The video then shows him lying on the floor, blood from his own leg streaming.

The man bleeding on the floor also appears to say, in part: “You want the whole world to hear what happened … but don’t come to the house … I’m done.”

The man who filmed the attack has since defended himself in a Facebook post, claiming that he only went to the house

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